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Mon, Dec 5 2011 21:08:53 UTC

Adobe restricts upgrade policy

Last month, in a blog post titled New Choices for Customers, Adobe actually announced that they were changing their upgrade policy for Creative Suite 6. Before, users could get a discounted upgrade price even if they were 1 or 2 versions behind. Starting with CS6, this changes, and only CS5 users will be eligible for upgrade.

Since then, there's been a lot of complaints about this new policy, with users saying that this move is bad for customers, and was announced too late, pleading with Adobe to delay the adoption of the new policy by a year.

Adobe has now responded to the criticism, saying ''The changes to our upgrade policy, for customers who would like to continue to purchase CS software as a perpetual license, benefits customers who are on the latest versions of our software. We have promotions that enable customers to upgrade to the latest CS version ahead of CS6 at a reduced rate - at the moment we are offering 20% off any upgrade to the latest version of their Adobe software.''

Basically, it seems like if you delayed getting CS5, thinking you might skip it, now you may be forced to upgrade, unless you want to pay full price next year, or stay behind. Adobe is unlikely to reverse course at this point.

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