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Thu, Nov 17 2011 20:25:00 UTC

DevCon 5 topics announced

DevCon 5 is the conference for HTML5 developers and web designers to meet and talk about the future of online publishing, to find new ways to create interactive web sites, do online creative thinking, and advance web standards forward for the next generation. TMC and Crossfire Media, the hosts of the conference, announced the panelists that will be talking at the conference.

The speakers at DevCon 5 include:

Paul Trani from Adobe who will delve into CSS3 & advanced design, as well as talking about transitions in animation.

Charles Jolley from Facebook will host a keynote discussing why HTML5 trumps device operating systems.

Jan Linden from Google will answer the question as to whether specific devices decline or change as a result of HTML5.

Zhenyao Mo from Google will give an update from the WebGL working group and give a walkthrough of one of the leading WebGL content engines.

Neil Trevett from Khronos Group and NVIDIA will highlight the visual side of HTML5, and show how Web GL is guiding the development of HTML5 platforms.

Jonathan Stark from Mobiquity will host a keynote about simplifying the relationships between customer and employee using HTML5.

David Kaneda from Sencha will share his views on the best ways to maximize development efforts using HTML5.

Ryo Shimizu and Eric McEver from Ubiquitous Entertainment will talk about the goals of HTML5 and Enchant.js.

Carl Ford from Crossfire Media will take the audience through the best examples of HTML5 on the Web.

DevCon 5 will happen on December 7-8 in Santa Clara, California.

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