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Thu, Nov 17 2011 2:06:42 UTC

How Infinity Blade 2 uses new iPhone 4S technical features

Geremy Mustard, Technical Director behind Infinity Blade 2, talked with GameTrailers about some of the new features that iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S offers them, and how they can impact the design of new games. One such feature is realistic light rays, something that he says was just recently introduced in console games like Gears of War 3. Thanks to the technical innovation of the iPhone 4S, including a faster processor, that visual effect is something that will be fully implemented in the game.

Another feature he talked about was iCloud, which allows games to send over save files across devices instantly, using Apple's cloud storage network. A player could be in the middle of a match, put the iPhone down, and a few seconds later pick up an iPad and keep going exactly where he was, without the need for syncing. This is a major bonus for games to use.

Finally, Infinity Blade 2 will also take advantage of the asynchronous communications available in iOS 5 to bring world encounters, where every player everywhere will have the opportunity to fight the very same mob, with millions of hit points, and contribute to killing off the massive creature, with rewards going out to all players who participated in the encounter. This would have been very hard to do with traditional network code, and the new iPhone 4S makes this kind of feature much more available.

Infinity Blade 2 was first shown off during the iPhone 4S presentation and will be available at the start of December.

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