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Tue, Nov 15 2011 21:46:50 UTC

Dreamworks CEO wants to animate the web

Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke at the Techonomy conference yesterday and said that in his opinion, the web is too text centric, and needs more graphics and animations. According to him, ''Text is a learned process, but what we do at Dreamworks is intuitive and instinctual, and you do it from the moment you are born. We're trying to see if we can move many of these things we can do today in text but moving up to video and audio, do it with sight and sound.'' Apparently, Dreamworks has been working with Intel for years now and in 2012 it will start pushing 3D technology on the web. There was no detail as to how this would be implemented, or how it would transform the web, but he seemed confident that it would make the whole Internet a more visual place.

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