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Tue, Nov 15 2011 21:35:30 UTC

Supermoms web series to feature Clorox cleaning products

With seemingly every production company embracing online delivery, RedLever Studios announced today a new web series called SUPERMOMS that they produced in collaboration with Clorox. The unique feature however is that instead of looking at getting a large publishing firm to finance the project, the series partnered with the cleaning company Clorox, and will center around many of their brands including Liquid Bleach, Clean-Up, Glad Trash Bags and Fresh Step Cat litter. The story line was developed by both the studio and sponsoring company, which means it's sure to be filled with targeted advertisements.

The 8 episodes will focus on 4 women in their everyday lives, but also the uncommon responsibility of being super heroes working together to foil their arch-enemy, Dr. Deconstructo. The cast includes Joey Lauren Adams, Julie Warner, Brennan Hesser and Lourdes Benedicto. Is this the next viral YouTube web series, after the very successful Old Spice videos, or will it come off as tacky and overly promotional?

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