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Tue, Nov 15 2011 21:21:27 UTC

Supergiant Games talks about the production of Bastion

Supergiant Games, a small 7-person indie games developer, talked with Gamasutra about what it's like for a small company to publish their first game, and get a publisher, especially when they have their own IP. They decided early on that they didn't want to give up control, and received no money from Warner Bros, who ended up publishing Bastion earlier this year.

Also, the team conducted a community Q&A earlier this month where they answered fan questions:

Looking back, what aspects of the game do you feel could have been done better? There really isn't much I would change. A couple of the Proving Grounds proved more frustrating to some players than we intended (e.g. Hammer and Pistols), so in hindsight we probably could have made those a bit more forgiving. But then, other players enjoyed the challenge.

Were you really surprised how much of a fanbase Bastion has generated? We were cautiously optimistic that people would like it though there was really no telling how it would go over for sure -- so yeah, we're surprised and happy. We did want to make something that could leave a strong impression so it's great to see it's done that for a good number of people.

How did you come up with so many awesome lines of narration/dialogue? It took a while...! It helped having a story outline to work from and a deep backstory that I'd written out. That way we could build a level from scratch and I could align it with some aspect of the backstory or some aspect of the fiction. Every sequence of the game was meant to add some dimension to the world of the game and the narrator's persona.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced and how did you overcome it? We were an unheard-of little studio trying to make a splash with our first game. We managed to get it into the PAX 10, which turned into a great opportunity to get the word out. We pushed as hard as we could to get the game to a great place for that show, so that we could hand over the controls and let the game speak for itself. That got us a lot of attention and good feedback.

What's next for Supergiant Games? Too early to say what's next though we're sticking together and intend to press on, which is just what we wanted. We didn't announce Bastion until more than a year into its development so it'll probably be a while before we talk about anything new.

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