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Mon, Nov 14 2011 18:06:10 UTC

Filter Forge 3.0 released

Filter Forge is a 2D texture creation software using procedural functions, and works both as a standalone program and a Photoshop plugin, allowing artists to make seamless diffuse, bump and normal maps. The latest release, version 3.0, came out today, and is available from their web site, along with a trial version.

Some of the new features include:

Progressive Preview, a real time low resolution preview window that updates automatically as you work the texture.

Load multiple image sources in order to have many sources for your functions to create the texture with.

Bezier curves, with a curve editor allowing you to edit them.

Improved user interface, along with a flexible window that can be rearranged for a better workflow.

Edge detector component to help detect edges in an image.

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