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Sun, Nov 13 2011 19:22:30 UTC

The Art of Touch by Microsoft

In a somewhat unusual marketing promotion, Microsoft created a site called The Art of Touch, which is a giant art canvas using HTML5, where anyone can use a few basic drawing tools to add ink to the virtual master piece. According to Francois Ruault, director of Marketing at the company, ''We're using art as a way to transcend technology and make people truly come back to the essence of what a mouse should do - empowering them to navigate their favorite content, express their respective talents and bring them out to the many.''

The project aims to advertise Microsoft's touch based displays, mice, and eventually Windows 8, which is designed with touch in mind. The app itself offers 3 drawing tools and 10 special effects, and is hosted on special servers running Microsoft's WPF, which recreates the drawn pieces to 1280x690 pixels resolution. Every meg of data generated during the drawing process is streamed to those servers in the background and aggregated into a single raw representation of the art piece. The AJAX code then mixes all of the drawings from everybody into a sea of art, formatting it for any browser resolution.

The site is also social, with viewers able to vote for individual drawings. Prizes will be awarded every week, and the person who gets the most votes by December 31st wins the grand prize. Microsoft collaborated on the site with artists Marius Watz, Erik Natzke and Dr. Woohoo! The company calls this project a collaboration between human and computer.

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