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Fri, Nov 11 2011 4:46:19 UTC

LightWave 11 announced

This evening NewTek held an event in Hollywood called VFX Minds hosted by Jeri Ryan, with guests Mark Rydell, David Cohen, and others. The panel covered various challenges faced by current VFX artists and film makers, where veterans in the industry talked about topics like technology advancement, 3D movies, the increased visual effects presence in video, and more.

NewTek also introduced LightWave 11, the latest version of their popular 3D modeling software. Some of the new features include:

Instancing, allowing you to create virtual groups of very large objects, so you don't run out of memory when dealing with a lot of polygons.

Flocking, a special physics controller that can create fluid motions for birds or schools of fish.

Fracture, a new modeling tool that allows you to break up an object as if it had been destroyed.

Bullet dynamics, a proven, open source engine that simulates bullet movements, and can be used with Fracture to create realistic animations.

Visual Studio tools to use third party controllers like the PS Move, along with various enhancements.

LightWave 11 will ship before the end of the year and cost $1,495, with the upgrade priced at $695.

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