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Wed, Nov 9 2011 6:10:04 UTC

NVIDIA introduces Tegra 3 five-core CPU

NVIDIA teased their latest Tegra 3 mobile CPU earlier this year, but today they finally unveiled what they call the first five-core mobile processor. Their claims? A CPU for a mobile device that delivers PC equivalent performance. With five times the power of the previous Tegra 2, this beast is the new king in the world of mobile power, and they claim better battery life too, by using the fifth core which is a special companion core using low power, which can drive the device in standby mode.

The result for users is that whether you're looking at a Flash video, multitasking, or playing a game, you should now expect performance that's never been possible before. In fact, NVIDIA is touting some new Android games that take advantage of the increased power to show what can be done, and is claiming 40 new titles will be released by the end of the year specifically tailored for the new Tegra 3.

The Asus Transformer Prime is the first tablet to have the new chip and should be released in a couple of weeks. Game designers will certainly have a new bar to reach, giving users games with ever increasing graphics capabilities. Here's some videos NVIDIA posted showing some of the technical details, along with comparison shots. The last video shows previews of upcoming Tegra 3 games.

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