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Fri, Nov 4 2011 18:19:53 UTC

100 3DS MAX tips

Jamie Gwilliam from Autodesk UK has an interesting post this week with a list of 100 quick 3DS MAX tips, compiled over a three months period, and promises even more to come soon.

There's many good ones including:

- If using gamma then ensure the gamma settings of Bump/Specs/Normal/Opacity maps = 1.0. (Found in file load options.)

- To ignore an object when zooming (Z), Right Click the object and select Object Properties>Ignore Extents

- Press F9 shortcut key to perform a re-render using the previously used camera and output settings

- Use CTRL+ALT+Middle Mouse button in the animation timeline to offset the whole of your original animation timeline

- You can record animation from one object and reuse on another via the 'Load/Save Animation' options, under the animation menu header

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