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Thu, Nov 3 2011 19:18:09 UTC

World to run out of hard drives by March

Ever since the massive floods in Thailand last month, hard drive makers have been hit particularly hard, with many of them being forced to close their factories. Right away, these companies announced that this catastrophe would have a major impact on the production of hard drives, most of which are created in the country. Both WD and Seagate issued statements saying that their facilities were flooded and they would need time to dry up, repair the equipment, and resume production.

Ever since the announcement, prices for hard drives have sky rocketed, and people who typically need a lot of storage space like video producers or creative studios are starting to see the hit. Now there's word that the supply of hard drives currently on the shelves will last until March of next year, after which there will be no more storage. All we can do is hope the factories have restarted by then.

The Thailand floods this year have been the worse in 50 years, killing over 400 people.

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