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Thu, Nov 3 2011 7:53:50 UTC

Maxwell for Google SketchUp

Maxwell, known for it's popular Maxwell Render, has unveiled today Maxwell for Google SketchUp, a plugin that brings high quality renders to SketchUp users. The new product is completely integrated inside of the SketchUp interface, and produces renders in real time while the camera is moved around the scene. The package is self-contained, accessible directly from the interface, and can access the thousands of free MXM material files.

The advantage of this standalone plugin is that you don't need to export your files to an external renderer, although you also don't get access to the extra features of the full Maxwell Render Suite. The user comments from those who tried it so far are positive.

You can view a video introduction here which shows some of the workflow when using this plugin. The base version is free to download and produces draft images, while the licensed version creates HD high quality images and costs $95.

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