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Tue, Nov 1 2011 9:12:31 UTC

Instagram co-founder talks at Disrupt Beijing

It's always interesting to see how adoption of new creative technologies occurs around the world, and we got some insight at the TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing conference, where Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom talked a bit about their very popular iPhone app, revealing that it had passed 12 million users. It also sees 100k downloads from China alone every week. The service is run by 6 people, on over 100 servers.

Many companies focus on the US market, but Kevin says he is focusing on the Asian market next, where he sees a lot of potential growth for innovative applications like Instagram. Translating the app interface was one of their early priorities. After being out for several months now, their growth is still accelerating, especially in other countries.

The moderator also revealed that there's over 10 clones of Instagram already in China. You can view the full interview on video here.

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