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Mon, Oct 31 2011 17:35:42 UTC

Style.com launches print edition

Many print magazines have been moving to the digital world, and some who haven't made the transition find their survivability quite hard. But Style.com did the reverse, going from web to print, launching their first issue of Style.com Magazine today. However, it's not your typical magazine. Instead, the printed publication takes a lot of hints from the online world, transporting the web experience to paper.

For one thing, there's no page numbers. Instead, the articles are printed next to the number of page views the article got on the web. There are tweets printed in large fonts, commenting about the various fashion trends. As for their Top 10 lists, well they are based on reader choices. The 11 years old website has truly transported itself to the print world in a unique fashion.

The magazine is available to be ordered online for $6.99, as well as select newsstands.

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