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Fri, Oct 28 2011 21:39:53 UTC

Interview with Lena Lara

Today we have an interview with Lena, a 23 year old cosplayer from Germany.

Could you briefly describe yourself?

Hey there, my name is Lena and in real life I'm a 23 years old digital media designer from Germany.

How did you get started with cosplaying?

A long time ago, at about 12 years I began to dress up as Lara Croft. I didn't really know anything about cosplaying, first it was nothing more than a remarkable hobby for me. But over the years the cosplay became a huge meaning for me and my further life.

Is Lara Croft still your favorite character to this day?

Yes, it is. Lara Croft is my favourite character, because she is the idealised version of a woman on many levels. She is sexy, intelligent, tough, athletic, cultured, well traveled and has this kind of mysterious charm that works though. I can't see any real woman matching up - but that's the reason why she became my idol and my hero.

How do you get your costumes, and how much work goes into them?

Most of my costumes are self-made. Either I sew them from scratch, or I search in basic local clothing stores for clothes, which look similar to what I need. If I find something proper, I change or add the necessary details.

Good cosplay is a hobby which needs a lot of work, but because I have a full-time job beside this, I can't invest as much time in it as I'd like to.

You do a lot of in-costume photography, do you also go to conventions?

I like going to conventions, but I wouldn't travel for that reason alone. But if there is an event nearby, you will find me there for sure.

Can you describe a typical photo shoot?

First it is necessary to find the right location for the photo shoot. This isn't as easy as is sounds, because finding a good-looking place, which fits to the cosplay, and it must be allowed to take photos there. Afterwards it takes hours, until my photographer and I have enough poses and shoots together. At the end of the day I'm nearly starved and frozen to death, so the first thing I need afterwards is something warm to eat...

How is the cosplay community in Germany?

Unfortunately not as big as I'd like it to be. There are a few conventions, but I always have to go there alone, because I don't know many other German cosplayers personally.

Is cosplaying purely a hobby or do you plan on doing professional magazine or online appearances?

I wish I could do it professional, but I don't see there any realistic chances, so that's why my cosplaying is only a hobby.

Is there any character you haven't played yet but want to?

I'm not sure about my new costume project yet. Anyhow, I'd like to do a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings cosplay one day.

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