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Fri, Oct 28 2011 4:47:20 UTC

DevianrtART Sta.sh goes live

A few weeks ago we had a sneak peak of Sta.sh, DeviantART's new cloud storage service, but now the service is live, and we have more details on what it entails. At first glance, this service seems very much like the main DA site itself, a place to upload images and animations, organize them, and share them with others. But as we dig deeper, there's definitively more to it.

DeviantART intends Sta.sh to be a long term strategy for online services. As a cloud system resolving around media, Sta.sh also includes web based editors. Sta.sh Writer is a web based publication tool, where users can write text, add images, and select templates to create nice looking entries. Sta.sh Muro, based on DA's beta experiment originally just called Muro, allows web based drawing and painting.

Also, Sta.sh includes a developer API, using simple HTTP requests and OAuth 2.0 for authentication, that can be integrated into any application or web site. It does seem like DeviantART has big plans for this new site.

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