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Thu, Oct 27 2011 20:36:11 UTC

Google Plus adds image editing

Google Plus just added image editing functions today, allowing users of their social networking site to edit their photos without leaving that page. The features are pretty impressive, since they use Picnik, a web based editing software that Google purchased a while back.

When you go to an image in any of your albums, you can do quick changes like rotating and auto-fix directly from the drop down menu, or open up the image in Picnik to do full editing, including cropping, color adjusting, exposure options, text, and even special effects. For Halloween, special scary effects are also included.

Ever since Google Plus launched, the site has been very successful with artists, mostly photographers, thanks to its full screen galleries. This brings Google Plus way ahead of competitors like Facebook. Of course it doesn't replace full editing software like Photoshop, but is great when on the road, without access to a full computer.

The Google engineers posted a video showing the function in action:

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