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Wed, Oct 26 2011 16:25:19 UTC

Does passion die when art becomes a career?

Ernest Adams, a seasoned game designer, wrote an article titled Passion versus Professionalism in which he argues that passion can be good, but professionalism should always win out. Passion, at least for the corporate studios, can too often be a trick to find new passionate graduates they can then mistreat with low pays, no vacations, and large amounts of overtime.

He argues that passion is an ungoverned desire, and that while art requires passion, working as a designer, or on any project in a gaming studio, requires professionalism more, because you are rarely assigned to the projects you'd like to work on, and because passion doesn't work well with others, and these projects are always team efforts. He says instead that professionalism is dedication to doing a great job even if you're not the target audience.

Is passion doomed to die when art goes from a hobby to a professional career? Let us know what you think.

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