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Wed, Oct 26 2011 8:17:29 UTC

Behind the scenes of Fallout: Nuka Break

Recently a new web series started appearing on YouTube, produced by Wayside Creations, called Fallout: Nuka Break. It's a very high quality fan-made series based on the Fallout game. This week, the crew at 11:11 Mediaworks, the people doing the VFX on the videos, talked about some of the work that goes into it.

The live action is actually shot at Goodsprings, Nevada, and then the footage is brought in for post-production. One of the most tricky parts is mixing the film with 3D elements created in Cinema 4D. To make sure the elements look like they exist in the scene, they need to do some rotoscoping work, and then insert the assets with the right angle, shadows, and perspective.

The time frame is also quite short, since there's typically one episode a week. The opening shots include large matte paintings, and some of the episodes are heavy with gun fights, including one scene where they had to make a blaster pistol shoot laser beams, along with all the effects, including where the bad guy gets vaporized.

The music is also original, composed during the post-production process, with original scores by Dan Martinez. The sound is kept in the style of the Fallout game, with a Western flavor added.

Of course, there's also a lot of on-location work too, like the make-up for mutated beings, which takes over an hour every day, the creation of props, and the stunts. Overall, there's quite a bit of work that goes in the production of Nuka Break, resulting in very high quality YouTube videos.

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