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Fri, Oct 21 2011 18:28:01 UTC

Canvas opens to the public

4chan has always been somewhat of an underground site on the Internet, an image board where people could truly find anything, from beautiful art to extremely controversial posts about a variety of subjects. Last January, the founder of that site announced a new, similar project called Canvas, which many called a 4chan for grown up. The idea is similar, based on the popular Japanese concept of an image board, except it's aimed at a more mainstream public, who wishes to view and share images of all types.

For one thing, unlike 4chan, which uses an archaic design, Canvas is much more modern looking. Also, to discourage some of the bad behavior that plagues the older side, Canvas requires a Facebook login. Adult content and profanities are prohibited, and users must agree to a code of conduct. Instead, the site focuses on sharing and remixing of content.

So far over 4,000 users have participated in the private beta, and today the site is open for all. With $3.6 million investor backing, the project is off to a good start, and its creator says he hopes it will become a vibrant community platform.

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