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Fri, Oct 21 2011 16:43:08 UTC

Deus Ex uses Scaleform for interactive UIs

Deus Ex: Human Revolution uses an innovative user interface immersion technology. This week it was revealed that Eidos used Autodesk Scaleform, a fairly new middleware product that allowed them to create all these UIs integrated in the world itself, from basic menu UIs to complex interactive world objects. According to the press release, they tested various middleware solutions during development before selecting Scaleform.

Julien Bouvrais, director of technology at Eidos-Montreal, says that ''From the early days of development, we had very high requirements for the game's UIs.'' Because of the very complex cyberpunk world they were building, they selected something that integrated well with Maya and 3DS MAX. ''Our strategy is to have great artists working with great tools to obtain the highest possible level of productivity.''

Deus Ex is just one of many recent games being revealed to have used Scaleform. Gears of War 3, Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect also use it for their UI needs. No longer is it sufficient for a game to provide a basic, 2D UI. Now players expect their feedback from the game to be immersive and integrated in the world.

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