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Thu, Oct 20 2011 20:02:33 UTC

Media moving to the digital world

Lance Ulanoff, an industry veteran and award-winning journalist, wrote an interesting article in Mashable on how all types of medias have made the move, in the last decade, from traditional to digital. Some transitioned smoothly, like PC Magazine who quickly understood the web was the future, and shut down its print business to go completely digital. Others did not fare so well, and over 500 magazines closed in 2008 alone.

The same story can be told for Art magazines and other creative enterprises. A lot of artists work in the marketing industry, and that industry was affected fully by the move to digital. A print designer, for example, would spend most of his day thinking about newspaper and magazine ads 10 years ago. The main concerns were page size, print quality and long lead times. Now, chances are they're working on web based ads, and their main focus is doing interactive banners, and making sure their facts are up to the minute.

The same is true for a video producer who a decade ago would focus on NTSC formats, film development and 30 secs ad times. Now, they shoot in HD and need to know how to upload to YouTube. No where in history has media changed so much, so quickly, and many editors are pulling their hair trying to adapt. But for someone that's creative, someone who loves to try out new media, it's a wonderful time to live in.

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