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Tue, Oct 11 2011 17:51:20 UTC

The blocky art of Minecraft

If there's one thing that's clear, Minecraft doesn't look anything like a modern game. The graphics, instead, remind us more of LEGO blocks. And perhaps that's why it's become such an online phenomena, so popular in such a short time. People take one look at the blocks and know the kind of things they can do in this sandbox engine.

But once creators make their games and levels, they often want to show them off. And indeed, some are quite amazing. People recreate ships, towns, castles, and more, from simple blocks. While the game also offers physics elements to create an actual working game out of it, perhaps the distinctive look of Minecraft is what resonates the most when looking at these screenshots.

And it doesn't stop just at still images. There's been countless videos made of Minecraft, including popular music videos remade using blocks, like TNT which received 14 million views so far, and Usher's Revenge with 11 million views. That's of course on top of the 'normal' videos showcasing the actual features of Minecraft games.

The community of users is fast growing online, and there's dozens of forums where people give ideas, tips, suggestions about Minecraft. There's also several sites showcasing Minecraft art of all types. And Minecon is a conference that developed from the game, and where fans go to share their experiences.

So while Minecraft was originally created to be a sandbox game engine, and has been quite successful at this with over a million sales, it's clear that it has inspired art of many forms. It goes to show that creativity wins over graphical enhancements. Give people a way to create, and they will.

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