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Mon, Oct 3 2011 17:41:01 UTC

Adobe announces 6 new tablet apps

Today Adobe announced a series of new tablet apps for the iPad and Android platforms. The 6 new apps will be professionally designed and available starting next month. The apps will be introduced at an introductory price of $9.99

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch will be the equivalent of the desktop Photoshop application, but redesigned for touch. It will include core functions from Photoshop, layers, camera access, sharing functions and more.

Adobe Debut

Debut will be a presentation tool, made to showcase your Creative Suite files to clients through your tablet. It includes support for multiple formats, a pen tool and an artboard display control.

Adobe Photo

With Adobe Photo you can create mockups of web sites, along with mobile sites, and share ideas with a team around the world. The app includes CSS markup functions, stroke gestures, a component toolbox, and integration with Adobe Cloud.

Adobe Collage

Collage will allow you to stick together images, photos, text and clipart, and upload them to a variety of online services. Perfect for creating mixed media, it also includes a pen function to draw on top of the images.

Adobe Ideas

Ideas allows you to draw using vectors on the screen, using either a stylus or your finger, to create illustrations. Then, those can be transferred to Creative Suite or the Adobe Cloud.

Adobe Kuler

Kuler will be the coloring app, where one can create color themes and share them with others. It integrates with the Kuler service from Adobe.

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