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Sat, Oct 1 2011 7:01:47 UTC

Interview with The Chainmail Chick

Today we have an interview with The Chainmail Chick, a talented cosplayer from North Carolina.

Could you briefly describe yourself?

I'm short.


Ahaha! I couldn't resist. I'm a model/costumer/artist, a total dork, a foodie, an English major, a wanna be writer, and a really spastic dancer. I have a small collection of Pikachus and a much larger collection of penguins. I live on a farm in North Carolina but I travel all the time.

Where did your nickname The Chainmail Chick come from?

It became my unofficial convention and renaissance faire nickname due to my penchant for chainmail bikinis.

You describe yourself as a geek, what are some of the most geeky things you've done?

Well one time I played Minecraft for like 14 hours straight...

Oh wait like interesting geeky things? Well, I've been to Celebration V and did the Last Tour to Endor. I work at True Dungeon at GenCon as an NPC actor. And I play RPGs! One of my favorite tabletop systems is ''Burning Wheel'' - fascinating system that I'd highly recommend for RPG fans.

You do a lot of cosplaying, what do you like most about cosplay?

Getting to take on another character! It's like stepping into their universe for a little bit. It appeals to my inner role-playing gamer.

How hard and time consuming is a typical cosplay costume for you?

It's about a 50-50 split between ''put on bikini, go to convention'' and ''meticulously assemble costume, spend 4-7 hours getting bodypainted''. Cosplay is about attention to detail, making your costume look as accurate as possible. And, given that many of these costumes are, say, drawn by comic book artists, there's always the fun task of trying to imitate those gravity defying outfits, haha!

What kind of feedback do you get at conventions while wearing these costumes?

I get a lot of people complimenting the specific design of my chainmail, asking about where I got it/how to make it, a lot of people wondering if I get chilly wearing practically nothing (YES) -- everyone at cons tends to be really friendly and just generally excited about seeing all the cool costumes.

Every now and then I get some weird creepy person, but sadly that's to be expected. At Dragon*con this year, this guy came up to me and made some crude ''nice tits'' comment..unfortunately for him, a friend of mine (a
fairly petite but pure muscle and badass woman) heard him, and about jumped the guy, growling ''You do NOT talk to women like that, do you hear me?!'' He freaked out apologizing.

I was highly amused.

Do you have a specific genre you prefer to cosplay, like fantasy or Star Wars?

Star Wars would probably be at the top of my list it's such a huge and fascinating universe, and the fans are so much fun to interact with. Celebration V definitely cemented my love of the fandom; getting to pose with the sets/props/other costumers was just amazing.

A few months back you played in a great parody video called That's How I Play Dragon Age, could you speak a bit about how that came about and what went into it?

Micah (the director) contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in doing a video with them, and explained the concept. I thought it was pretty hilarious idea so we got together one weekend in a park and filmed it! There were so many bugs... Micah basically fed us the lines and we shot several takes of each cut, with Brian holding the mic and Ric shooting some extra footage.

Oh, funny tidbit: We shot this right after I'd been sick for a week, and it was the middle of the day during August...by the end of the filming, I was so dehydrated I nearly fainted! Matt (the guy who played the Warden/Snake in their other videos) actually carried me back to the parking lot in his strong, manly arms. Rawr.

Are you planning any future project or cosplay you can talk about?

Oh, tons! I usually post about costumes on my Facebook page.

I've got quite a few cosplays I want to do (Inara Serra, Aayla Secura, Storm from Xmen), but I'm also getting into the idea of doing more original costumes. I'd like to do some realistic, functional battle armor - and some totally impractical, highly stylized fantasy fire themed armor - and maaaaybe an original Twi'lek character, steampunk style. But you'll just have to wait and see

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