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Learning anatomy

Regardless of the medium, art often portrays the human body. Whether it's the drawing of a person, of the 3D figure of an alien, having basic knowledge of anatomy is invaluable. In fact, a realistic figure is often the most difficult topic to draw. There are many resources online where you can learn more about anatomy.

Free tutorials

Because it's something so many artists look for, there are a lot of free tutorials online about anatomy. For example, the DeviantART tutorials section has pages of tutorials, not only about human anatomy, but also animals.

Google Body

If what you want is an overall view of the human body, showing everything from the bones to the nervous system and skin, you can give Google Body a try. It's made by Google as an experiment, part of their Google Labs site.

Anatomy videos

After the tutorials and simulations however, having real videos showing how joints work and how important arteries connect together can be very enlightening. You can browse YouTube, or one particularly useful resource is the Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy, which isn't free but has some very in-depth videos of actual human bones and organs.


Finally, if you want something written down, that you can refer to offline, you can check Amazon for books on the subject.

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