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Best online resources for free fonts

Fonts are something rarely talked about in the art circles, but it's something so many of us use every day. Whether we're writing, or designing anything that happens to have letters or symbols on it. A default computer comes with a handful of fonts, but there are so many more available for free if you know where to look.

1001 Free Fonts

Perhaps one of the oldest and best known site is 1001 Free Fonts, which hosts over a thousand free fonts, and over 10,000 paid ones. The site is easy to browse through, and offers samples of every font, with download buttons for Windows and Mac.


Another similar source is dafont which offers over 13,000 free fonts, again with samples and download links.


The site Abduzeedo has a font library that gets updated every Friday. They showcase a few particular high quality fonts on that day, and now they are up to over a hundred entries.

Google Web Fonts

Sometimes you may not need to download and install fonts yourself. If you are a web designer and need your website to have a particular font, Google offers Web Fonts, which are font families made for the web and hosted by them. They have 252 fonts, with samples and instructions on how to use them in your own web pages.

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