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Thu, Sep 22 2011 17:31:55 UTC

Art majors underpaid

How wealthy is that Art career going to be? A recent study by Georgetown University sheds some light on the earning potential of several majors. While some, like Science, Health and Maths reach impressive numbers, Art is at the bottom of the chart with a median earning of $40k to $46k.

Only Psychology and Education share such low numbers. Are Art majors doomed to stay in small studio apartments? When talking to actual professionals in the field, such as digital artists, VFX technicians and 3D modelers, the result is mixed.

One UK VFX artist says: ''I can just about live in London on my salary, but life is far from comfortable. I can't afford to go on holiday or even to join a gym but I love my job and would frankly do it for free if I had to.'' An artist in the US adds: ''If you don't love it you might as well look for another career because it doesn't pay considerably better than other more stable jobs.''

But others point out that these numbers are for out-of-college salaries, and in many fields this increases quickly. An Australia based artist says: ''While the wages get pretty good for senior positions, entry level jobs can pay really badly.'' It's also worth noting that Art comprises a lot of domains, and that typically digital artists will make more than sculptors or painters.

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