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Wed, Sep 21 2011 18:44:22 UTC

Interview with e-on software about LumenRT

Today we have an interview with David Burdick, VP of Marketing at e-on software, talking about their latest release, LumenRT.

Could you describe yourself and your role at E-on?

I am the Vice President of Marketing responsible for the specification, marketing and promotion of e-on products. As is the case with many small companies, we all wear many hats here and so we are also deeply involved with product development and ensuring our customer's success and satisfaction.

Can you briefly talk about what LumenRT is?

LumenRT is a high fidelity immersive 3D visualization solution for architects and designers that is very easy to use. It offers an exciting new dimension for deeper, more immersive forms of collaboration with clients and associates by allowing designs to be shared and explored interactively in a manner similar to a very high-end video game. Designed to provide superior visualization with accurately simulated lighting including Global Illumination, shadows and reflections, LumenRT is the ideal solution for:

  • Showcasing design ideas and concepts. It lets people explore in 3D to better understand the look and feel of the design.

  • Creating exciting virtual interactive showrooms, kiosks, or self-running/self guided 3D presentations.

  • Collaborating easily with associates and customers. Many design projects require the participation of multiple people and organization across the supply-chain. LumenRT is an excellent tool to help being clarity to ideas and concepts and provides a really nice platform for receiving feedback from others.

  • Developing really cool, eye-popping presentations. This is particularly useful in the early bid stages of a project where the architects are trying to win deals. LumenRT gives them an exciting new way to make their presentation come alive.

You recently released version 1.3, what's new in this release?

We added two new features including the ability to handle ''Face Me'' billboards and components which always face the camera and a feature which allows users to add their company logo to the splash screen.

What was the goal behind the decision to build LumenRT?

The fundamental idea was to create a very simple but powerful tool that would allow users to share models and scenes in real-time 3D. We call this immersive collaboration. The way we like to think about it is that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then real-time 3D ''moving pictures'' is worth 10x to 100x more. In other words, giving architects and designers the ability to quickly share their work with clients and associates can dramatically improve the presentation and feedback loops that are so critically important in the marketing, bid and design process. Also, LumenRT can really deliver the ''wow'' factor by giving architects a high impact tool to impress clients.

E-on software already makes Vue, why make LumenRT its own product instead of integrating it?

LumenRT is a very targeted product designed for architectural immersive visualization whereas Vue is a comprehensive Digital Nature solution for creating natural landscape scenery. Both of these products are indeed highly complementary but they are aimed at completely different use and workflow models. We do however have many customers who are using both products.

LumenRT for Sketchup is described as a first step for the product, will plugins be released for other software?

We are currently evaluating the feasibility of connecting LumenRT into other architectural products. However, we believe that Sketchup is the ideal target platform for LumenRT since it is the dominant application used by architects in the front-end, early stages of the design process. It's in this early design stage that an enormous amount of collaboration occurs between architects, clients, and associates and where we feel that LumenRT can make the greatest contribution.

What interesting uses have you seen so far for LumenRT from users?

For the most part, architects and designers are using LumenRT to showcase their designs to clients and potential customers. However, we have been pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of uses and applications for LumenRT. Several interesting user applications are now being showcased on our LumenRT website. In particular, the Ronen Bekerman (Polytown Studios) and Xijin Cai, (University Laboratory) examples are quite interesting.

How has feedback been so far, is it a popular product for E-on?

Yes, LumenRT has been very well received since its formal introduction this summer and it is fast becoming a must have product for architects large and small. It has also received a number of favorable reviews by the leading lights of the Sketchup community including the Sketchucation forum and the Google Sketchup Blog.

Could you tell us what we might expect to see soon in LumenRT?

The next stage of LumenRT development will add more professional-level features such as enhanced animation, lighting, and collaboration capabilities. We are also planning to release a demo version of the product very soon.

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