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Mon, Sep 12 2011 14:30:30 UTC

Free drawing resources on DeviantART

A lot of artists use DeviantART to display their finished products, whether it be drawings, paintings, or even Flash animations. But many don't realize that DA is also full of resources for other artists to use. Every day people post things like stock photos, Photoshop brushes, fonts, textures, tutorials, and more.

Accessing them is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the DeviantART home page and look under the Resources and Stock Images category. There, you will find a ton of resources for you to use. They are listed by category, with the most popular ones being shown by default.

You can change the filter option and make it show the newest resources first, or the most popular in a certain time period. The most used resource category by far is the stock images. There you will find mostly photos, sometimes drawings. Textures are typically pretty popular as well, although the quality and resolution can vary. Finally for brushes, scripts, or anything that is application specific, look under Application Resources.

Once you locate the resource you want, a Download File button will appear on the deviation page, where you would normally have a Download Image link instead.

One last thing to note is the license terms. Most resources posted on DeviantART are free and with little to no restrictions. But make sure you always read the description that the artist posted, because that's where people typically post what you are allowed to do with their resources. For example, many stock photos posted on DA have a rule saying it can only be used for things that will be also posted on DA. So that's something to keep in mind.

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