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Thu, Sep 1 2011 20:50:45 UTC

Interview with the creator of iMesh

Today we have an interview with JM Claveria, the developer of a new iPad app called iMesh.

Can you describe yourself and your background?

I am a Spanish coder born in 1983. I live in Seville, a beautiful city in the south of Spain. I have always been interested in 3D and video games since I was a child. I love drawing and painting, although I'm not a talented artist unfortunately.

I started with 3DS Max in 2003, a very close friend of mine helped me in the beginning and told me a lot of tricks and tips to achieve better models. Later I tried with different 3D software like Maya and ZBrush, building some models. I won a pair of 3D animation contests in 2003 (thanks to my partner) and 2005, and got finalist in another two. Even with the awards, I wouldn't think myself good enough as a 3D artist.

Since 2006 I focused on coding instead of modeling. I studied at the University of Seville, becoming a computer scientist in 2007. Even today I keep studying at the University in my free time. I have been working in Augmented Reality, physics environments, parallel computing and 3D graphics since then. Last year I became very interested in mobile devices, so I started to learn iOS and make my own applications.

Could you briefly describe what iMesh is?

iMesh is a 3D editor where you can create primitives and edit vertices, edges, triangles and polygons. Many commands are available like translating, scaling, rotating, collapsing, extruding, etc. You can also import and export OBJ files from your favorite 3D software. There are seven different cameras, including orthographic ones. You will find a lot of possibilities in iMesh. I like to call it the ''tiny MAX''.

How did you get the idea of making iMesh for the iPad?

I love 3D software on the desktop and I was wondering how it would be like on a tablet such as my iPad. It was a nice challenge.

How much harder is it to make a 3D modeler for iOS rather than on a PC?

It's very hard on both platforms, although in iOS you have to be aware of memory consumption.

Could someone use iMesh to create models as complex as a traditional desktop modeler?

In iMesh you can create any model you can imagine. Of course, 3D desktop software offers more tools letting you model quicker and easier, but you can do the same in iMesh with a little more effort. You also have another way: create the base model in your favorite 3D desktop software and export it to iMesh. Then you can edit the mesh while you are in the train or waiting for the bus.

A lot of big companies like Adobe and Autodesk are making iPad apps, do you think you can be competitive with their products?

I wouldn't be honest if I say YES, but I think iMesh offers the user more than a reasonable 3D tool for a few cents. Adobe and Autodesk are a step over the rest, they are huge companies with a top team behind them.

How has the feedback and user adoption been so far?

It's too early to get a feedback, the app was released in iTunes 24 hours ago. Anyway, users that downloaded iMesh are satisfied by now.

Do you intend to keep working on the app, implement user suggestions?

Of course, users points of view and suggestions are the best way to improve the application. I have a lot of ideas and I'm working on them the same day the app was uploaded. i would like to update the app with new features at least once a month.

Do you have any upcoming feature you can talk about?

Next update will include textures and materials. I want to release iMesh for iPhone as soon as possible too.

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