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Tue, Aug 30 2011 18:15:59 UTC

Interview with Powerage

Today we have an interview with Christophe, aka Powerage, a well known 3D content vendor in the Poser community.

Could you briefly describe yourself?

I am a man of 41 years old and live in France, near Bordeaux.

How did you get started in the world of 3D?

I became interested in digital arts in 1998. I trained in 3dsmax 2.5 and photoshop 4. At the time, it was not easy to learn because it was early days, with low bandwidth, and internet forums were non-existent, so I bought a lot of books on the subject.

When did you decide to start selling Poser content?

In 2004 (or 2005 I do not remember too much), I discovered Poser. I found the program to be exciting and then new opportunities opened to me. I modeled a lot of things right away and I had fun making them work in Poser. Then I discovered the different Poser communities and I said ''whoo! It's amazing the number of people who have the same interest as I do.'' I started by handing out free stuff, then I started to sell more complex creations. In short, the sale of products for Poser happened ​​by chance.

How do you chose which items to create, is it mostly personal preference or based on what is likely to sell?

It's a bit of both, but in any case it's impossible to create content on a topic that does not amuse me. It is imperative that the topic interests me for it to be a success. Comics and movies are my main sources of inspiration, I find it hard to deal with the real world, fantasy is much more interesting.

Do you think what you do is mostly a craft or an art?

I do not consider myself an artist but a craftsman and as a craftsman passionate about his work, I realize sometimes things will look like art. I am a craftsman passionate about his craft.

How long does it take you to create a product?

It depends on the size of the project, a small project takes me about one week and a very important project about one month or two.

You've created many different items for the Poser market, can you tell us what type of items sells best?

Currently the market is in turmoil and it is hard to say. But for all these years, I would say that the DAZ Victoria 4 clothing are very popular. But I try not to fall into a routine and I like to offer a wide variety of content, I think it's the best way to have fun and above all to move forward.

Are the revenues high enough to make this a full time job for you?

For the past five years this is indeed a full time job for me and I get to make a living, although some months may be difficult. But above all it gives me the freedom to live my passion. I enjoy every day and I thank my customers for that.

Can you tell us about any future products you're working on?

I had never modeled a motorcycle and I have therefore made one, a motorcycle is very ''fantasy'' to me and I have just completed an additional product for her. I don't have a clear idea for my next product, but I think it will be a very detailed fantasy clothing. I always work one project at a time, I can not work on several projects at the same time as some of my colleagues, I must stay focused on a subject or I may make mistakes.

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