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Sat, Aug 27 2011 8:10:27 UTC

DeviantART Anthro Art feature

DeviantART is running a feature about Anthro Art, displays of animals with human characteristics.

On top of featuring some art pieces, they ask for community feedback on 3 topics:

• Is the dream desire to have superhero powers more or less as healthy as the dream desire to be an anthropological hybrid being - or is any preferred escapist fantasy only healthy or is any preferred escapist fantasy healthy?

• If you are connected with your own personal animal spirit, how do you describe this state-of-being to those uninitiated in this phenomenon? Have you had knowledge of this connection from childhood, or was there a specific moment of epiphany?

• Do you prefer anthro narratives that feature fantastical animal characters in unique fantasy settings, or do you like human shapeshifter characters in more or less natural contemporary settings?

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