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Thu, Aug 25 2011 5:25:27 UTC

Interview with GMod artist Rastifan

Today we have an interview with Rastifan, an artist who uses GMod to create 3D digital art.

Could you describe yourself briefly and your background with GMod?

I am a Norwegian male who has dabbled in some 3D graphics before GMod. Done some music composing between repairing boats and working construction as well. I was fooling around in Real 3D among other platforms before I lost interest for avail. I started using GMod in 2009. I had no prior experience with it. My original goal was to make animations in it, but I fell in love with posing pretty quick.

In your own words, what is GMod and what makes it unique?

It is a physical sand box game with pretty decent posing abilities for those who know how to utilize it. But stacked against heavy weights like Poser, 3D Max, Daz and the like, it is hardly unique, but rather lacking. But what it lacks on the 3D department, it makes up for in the community around it. Any model, map or props made are gladly shared for free. I do not know how it works the people using said 3D platforms, but around GMod you never lack the material for your projects. Money is not an issue.

Why did you start using GMod, and what kind of learning curve does it have for newcomers?

I bought GMod after seeing an episode of The Idiot Box on YouTube. The inventive pure joy of creation it displayed got me curious about the program. How fast will you adapt to it? Depends what you use it for. With the physics engine, you can animate, build drivable cars, plains, boats or just about anything you stack a engine in to. Do you like to build apartments, a hotel or a city even (and preferably blow it all up). It is impossible to set a learning curve with all the things you can do. But I say in a few moths you should know your way around the most basic bits of it.

Do you use any other tool like Photoshop, Poser or modeling software like 3DS MAX?

I use GMod strictly for 3D. I mainly use Gimp as my editing tool. It is free, powerful and has yet to lack features I am in need of. My reason for not using any other 3D application is due to my missing effort to learn them.

You're well known on various forums and sites related to GMod and the Source Engine, can you describe some of your contributions?

Apart from requested poses, beta testing new models is mainly what I do. Working with modelers like Nahka and Evil Ash gives me an ample supply of new ones to try out. I also promote their work by posing their models on DeviantArt and other places with info and links. I also sometimes handle the releases.

You work with various other people to create new models and textures for GMod, can you talk about that?

Well up until recently I did beta testing and posing only. Now I am getting more involved in skinning new faces and so on. Nahka, which I work closest with, handles all the 3D work. He is a talented modeler who works very fast when he gets involved in a project. I guess you can say we have a sort of symbiotic relationship

Evil Ash who also does modeling is the fastest map porter I know of. He can port maps to GMod before half of the community knows they are even out (almost). I am lucky to be working with these guys.

To you, is it more about the gaming aspects or the art?

The art no doubt. I like games, but I am no gamer of rank. But posing a lot of game characters do bring me closer to gaming communities.

What would Poser or DAZ3D users gain by going to GMod?

Let's be honest. Nothing. These are superior programs compared to GMod and the Source engine it is based on. It is showing it's age. The only thing I could think of would be the huge assortment of models, props and maps people are sharing for free.

Is there any cool new release coming up in the future you can talk about?

Known projects are nude and clothed Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil and some custom models. Both by Nahka. Evil Ash is working on a Cammy White which looks very promising. Apart from that, I cannot say much more. All releases will be found at our forum DigitalEro.

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