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Mon, Aug 1 2011 17:15:15 UTC

Seamless Studio review

It seems like there's more and more simple, elegant programs allowing us to do very precise artistic tasks out there. Seamless Studio is one such program. From basic shapes, it allows anyone to create repeating texture patterns very quickly.

What is it?

This is a desktop program running on the AIR platform, which means it's compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS. Once downloaded, the installation takes no time at all. The whole program is only a few megs in size. By default you can use it as a trial version, and then if you buy it for $49 you can keep using it past the first month.

Once inside Seamless Studio, you can start working right away. On the left side you can see a series of shapes which you can select and then draw on the canvas. There's also a second tab for lines. There's hundreds of shapes of everything from a square to an image of an air plane. You can also import your own shapes.

On the bottom left is where you select the colors, and below that you have your layers, which by default each shape is put on a different layer. From there you can clone, rotate and flip the shapes. It works very much like the layers of a normal drawing program.

The result

It doesn't take long to end up with some pretty interesting results as the program automatically tiles whatever you put on the canvas. Seamless Studio is ideal to do background textures of flowers, but many other shapes can also be made.

The program will save your result as a JPG, PNG or SVG file. If you join the COLOURlovers site you can also share your results with others.


Seamless Studio is a nice tool to play with, and trying out the demo is certainly something you should do if you're interested in this type of drawing. However the program doesn't do a whole lot more, it is very specialized, so whether it's worth the price tag for you is debatable. Still, it's always nice to see new creative software appear on the landscape.

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