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Sun, Jul 10 2011 17:35:51 UTC

Interview with Ben Relles from Barely Political

Here's a short interview with one of the people behind Barely Political. Perhaps best known for their Key of Awesome parody videos, they have been on YouTube doing popular and funny videos for a while, becoming one of the most popular channel ever.

Could you briefly describe Barely Political and your YouTube series The Key of Awesome?

At Barely Political we make comedy videos, and so far they have been viewed over 1 billion times. Our biggest series is The Key of Awesome which is a music parody show.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got started in online videos?

I created the video I Got a Crush on Obama which launched the Barely Political channel.

When and how did you decide to start making parody videos of popular songs?

When Ke$ha did a contest asking people to remake Tik Tok we did one (Glitter Puke) and people loved it, so we kept doing them.

Can you describe around how many people work on a typical video and how long it takes to produce?

They take a week (KOA's). Mark writes it, Tom plans, shoots, directs and edits it.

How do you decide which song you pick, the lyrics that will be used and so on?

Mark comes up with that stuff, largely based on what songs people request.

Do you see yourself more as an entertainer, with the aim of making people laugh, or as an artist, making videos that tell a story or send a message?

Yes? : )

I guess i'd say make people laugh first.

What takes the most time and effort, coming up with the script and ideas, or making the actual video and editing it?

Making it.

As one of the most watched channel on YouTube, what do you think makes BarelyPolitical videos so popular?

We love what we're doing. We communicate a lot with our fans. And we make funny videos I think.

Was there any unexpected challenges that you came upon while doing these videos, like legal or trademark issues?


Has this become a full time job for you, and if so when did it become a profitable career?

Yes, this is my full time career. Love it.

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