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Wed, Jul 6 2011 4:35:00 UTC

Are 3D movies dieing?

FOX News has an article wondering whether 3D movies are dieing a slow death. If they are, it's not for a lack of trying, with the movie studios making a big push behind the 3D versions of their movies.

Michael Bay's Transformers 3 made an estimated $97.4 million over the weekend, which is pretty good. However, that's less than Transformers 2 did. Then, looking at adoption numbers from 2009, movies had a higher percentage of 3D audience, with Avatar topping at 80% of its theater earnings in 3D.

The fear now is that the novelty is wearing off. Also, 3D tickets cost more, so it's an easy place to cut costs for viewers. Some think it's a gimmick which will go away, but James Cameron thinks it's here to stay, comparing it to color movies.

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