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Mon, Jul 4 2011 22:13:07 UTC

Site launch

Hi! My name is Patrick Lambert, the founder of TideArt. I've been a digital artist for several years now, doing mostly 3D illustrations using programs like Poser, DAZ3D, Vue and Paint.NET.

I wouldn't consider myself a professional artist, far from it. I'm a hobbyist, someone interested in the world of art, mostly digital art, the type of images and videos that get produced every day by thousands of people all over the world.

The world of art today is completely different from what it was just 20 years ago. Computers and the Internet makes it possible not only to create art at a much reduced cost, but also distribute it and show it off. No longer is it needed to buy painting equipment, brushes, canvases, and then book an expensive session at an art gallery to get people to even see your work.

Now, with sites like DeviantART, and even just Facebook or YouTube, people can share what they do for free with millions of people.

So the goal for this site is to follow the tide, follow the wave, as technology, art and creativity changes the face of art.

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