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Italy 2016
DateJune 2016
Cities visitedRome, Florence, Venice
Log entries

Day 1

Day one started at the airport as usual. Terminal A is huge and filled with restaurants. The plane was large too, and fortunately my side seat was empty because 8h overnight is painful. I didn't sleep a bit. Once at Rome, I found the place filled with graffiti and trash. There are a lot of security everywhere and also tons of ruins and statues, which is the main thing I'm here to see. Saw Imperial Forum, Trevi Fountain and Fatherland Monument on my first day. Hotel room was old and dirty but that's what I get for going cheap.

Day 2

Day 2 was the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Pantheon, Plaza Navona and a walk down Tiber River. It rained a bit in the morning but otherwise was fine. What surprised me most about the coleseum was how many different building materials were used as they reconstructed it over the years. Forum and Palatino are very vast. The Pantheon has a lot of stuff in it. And while the Tiber is vast there's like no boat traffic.

Day 3

Today was the Vatican, Castle Sant'Angelo and Capitol Hill. The Vatican queue is insane, almost 2h, but there are a lot of rooms inside. It's like they took statues all over Rome and stuffed them inside rooms. The basilica is impressive. Castle is yet more evidence if that constant construction on top of earlier buildings. And Capitol Hill has some decent buildings and a nice view on the forum.

Day 4

Today I checked the Spanish Steps, which were closed, the park which was filled with insects, and I never found the baths. So I went back to sit at the coliseum and then at Trevi. My feet hurt.

Day 5

Today was first an enervating trip by train to Florence, then visit of said city. It's obviously a smaller town with tiny roads, and the center of town is mostly car free, but people drive as bad as Rome. Most of the day was spent walking and seeing stuff. Things seem cheaper here.

Day 6

Today started with a long but less stressful train ride to Venice. Then, walking.. A lot of walking. Of interest, I visited a park and a church. The day ended in flooding.

Day 7

Went out before most things were open so I went for a walk. Then, Doge Palace, Correr Museum and Campanile.

Day 8

Today was the last day in Italy. After a frustrating period chasing boats, I came back on a late flight.


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