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NYC 2016
DateApril 2016
Cities visitedNew York City
Log entries

Day 1

A very busy and tiring day. The plane ride and airport experience in Montreal was as usual very smooth. But things slowed down when we came in view of NYC. We had to zig zag before landing due to traffic, a long line of planes was waiting to take off, roads were filled with cars, and the city was packed. Things also look old and in some cases decrepit. Especially the airport and subway. We walked down from Washington Square by way of WTC to Battery Park to see the Statue, went up along the Hudson, up on High Line, went to the Empire State Building to watch the skyline, and finished in Times Square.

Day 2

Today was less hectic, starting with a metro ride to 51st St, then jumping in a church and walking north through Central Park. Then we spent a few hours at the Met. It was very, very large. Then we walked west through the park, saw Strawberry Field, Linlcoln Center, then down on Broadway to Rockerfeller Center, before coming back to Penn Station.

Day 3

Day 3 showed how miserable the commuter experience is for New Yorkers. A city to visit, but not live in. I went to see Wall Street, it was smaller than expected. Then I walked east and north to see South Sea Port, East Village, the bridges, the UN and Grand Central.


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