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San Francisco 2016
DateSeptember 2016
Cities visitedSan Francisco
Log entries

Day 1

Left very early, STM has a brand new bus for the 747 shuttle. Plane ride was long but not too bad. The SFO airport is nice, and Bart seems to run smoothly. The city itself isn't as I expected. Market street is filled with more homeless than I've ever seen. The city has very, very steep hills, but they are all concentrated in a tiny area, the rest is mostly flat. A lot of the city is very, very old, mixed with some high tech new stuff. The sea side is very touristic. The hotel is as expected.

Day 2

Day 1 started up with Golden Gate Park, Academy of Sciences to be precise, then continued with the rest of the park, a windmill, all the way to the Ocean. Then a series of trails all the way to the bridge, around the presidium and back home.

Day 3

Today was a lighter day, still feeling yesterday's epic 34.5km walk. I did the Palace of Fine Arts, Fort Point and walked the bridge to Vista Point.


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