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  • My Modern Warfare 2 review
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    A few years back I played through Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and it was pretty good. Well, the single player campaign, I've never liked the multiplayer part of it. So I decided when MW2 came out that I would get it... as soon as it was at a reasonable price, under $20. Since MW2 is now $19 on Steam, I played through it this weekend.

    Overall, it's a good game. I completed it in 5 hours 47 minutes which is fairly short. It was worth my $19 but that's why I waited, since I got it just for the campaign, it's not worth more than that for me. It was very similar to the first one in the sense that you get a series of missions in various settings, and you play through various characters. The graphics were fine, although I did notice a lot of NPCs were using the same model for whole crowds which was kind of funny.

    One thing that seemed overdone was some of the later scenes where it really looked like they tried to push the emotion up with no real gameplay value, and it looked more like gimmicks than anything else. Overall I think this is worth about 7.5/10, with the main negatives being the short campaign and the gimmicks.

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