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  • HeartBleedCheck

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Mon, Apr 14 2014 20:37:18 PDT - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    HeartBleedCheck is a portable Windows tiny app that can be used to check if a host is vulnerable to the HeartBleed bug. There are plenty of online scanners, but with this you can scan internal servers or routers. It runs on WinXP with .NET4 and beyond.

    The basic way this works is by connecting to an SSL server, sending a hello and malformed heartbeat packet (from the proof of concept) and then reading the answers. According to the specification, a Type 22 packet is a hello reply, Type 24 is a heartbeat (which is what vulnerable OpenSSL versions returned), Type 21 is an error (which is what a patched system should return to our malformed request) and anything else indicates the server doesn't support heartbeat.

  • Random

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Mon, Mar 10 2014 13:01:03 PDT - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    Random is a tiny Windows application that can generate a random number or string. It requires Microsoft .NET 4.0.

  • MyIP

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Sun, Mar 9 2014 23:15:01 PDT - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    MyIP is a tiny Windows binary that will show you your IP information. It is very small and all you have to do is open the ZIP file and run the binary. It requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 to run.

    The local IP is the one from the first or primary local network interface. Clicking on the info icon will list all of the network interfaces with their IPs. The public IP is gathered from an external web server and will always show the true public IP for your connection.

  • Letter to parliament template

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Sun, Jun 23 2013 16:29:55 PDT - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    This is a simple Microsoft Word template for Canadians to send to your member of parliament or representative, to complain about the surveillance program recently uncovered involving the NSA. It can easily be customized for other countries.

  • Simple Windows Live single sign-on PHP script

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Thu, Jun 20 2013 19:24:05 PDT - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    This zip file contains what you need to implement single sign-on using Windows Live Connect. Here are the steps:

    1- Create an app on Live Connect here.

    2- Upload the files in the zip to your web site.

    3- Edit the login.php file and enter your client ID, client secret, and web site URL, all taken from step 1.

    All done!

  • Simple PHP tweet script

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Sat, Mar 9 2013 0:30:05 PST - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    This is the most simple Twitter API 1.1 tweet PHP script you can find. If you don't want to use a library to automate your tweeting, this is for you.

    Simply create your app on the Twitter Dev site, add your four keys to the file, then call it with 'status' as a GET parameter.

  • Flame effects

  • [Tweet] [Facebook] [Google Plus]Thu, Dec 6 2012 11:25:46 PST - [Permalink] - by: Patrick Lambert
    Click here to download

    This is a small collection of flame effects I've been using over the years in my own projects. I created them using ParticleIllusion.

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