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Hi, my name is Patrick Lambert and I'm a tech worker, blogger, anime fan, digital artist and video gamer. I live in Montreal, Canada and have over 15 years of experience in technology.

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Welcome to my digital home. Here you can find ways to contact me, links to some of my stuff, blog posts, and software projects. If you’re looking to hire a freelance cloud & devops consultant, feel free to let me know.

Latest blog posts

Date Title Category
2020-07-03 Scared away from individual stock investing Finances
2020-06-26 Building a status screen with a Raspberri Pi Gadgets
2020-06-05 Coming full circle with AWS CDK Cloud
2020-05-20 Living in an anime home Finances
2020-04-30 How to export a MySQL query result Administration
2020-03-30 The perfect virtual office Administration
2020-02-10 Continuous integration workflow using GitHub, Travis and AWS EBS Cloud
2020-01-19 How to store and access secrets when deploying in AWS Cloud
2019-12-15 Securing Guacamole while running in a Docker container Security
2019-12-09 Deploying an AWS Lambda function using Ansible Cloud

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Figures collection

One of my hobbies is to collect Anime figures, books and wall scrolls. I currently own over 130 figures and 80 books. This is a partial view of my shelves:

Partial collection

Personal projects

These are some projects I’ve done in the past. For software, I mostly code in HTML, PHP and Python 3.

Travel destinations

These are the places I visited in the last couple of years. Click on the logos for photo galleries.

Tech skills

Linux Windows Server Office 365 AWS
Postfix WordPress Ansible Python
Apache Nginx Git Google Apps
Docker PowerShell Terraform REST APIs
Active Directory SQL Server MySQL VMWare