Blog posts

These are the blog posts, articles, whitepapers and tutorials I wrote in the recent past.

2015-02-16Implementing Google Authentication on CentOS 7.xAdministration
2017-01-02Tips and tricks on using PowerShellCoding
2016-05-08Building an OpenVPN server in AWSCloud
2017-09-29How to remove Windows 10 bloatware applicationsAdministration
2016-08-01Top 10 tenets of a System AdministratorAdministration
2017-07-1310 tips for securing your digital lifeSecurity
2016-01-07Rosetta Stone of Coding (html)Coding
2016-10-01Raspberry Pi projectsGadgets
2015-12-22Making a .NET Windows app without using Visual StudioCoding
2015-11-28Deep analysis of modern web site (pdf)Cloud
2015-09-03Sending notifications from PowerShell using AWS SNSCoding
2015-04-15Accessing SQLite databases in PowerShellCoding
2015-01-30Office 365 Cheatsheet (pdf)Administration
2015-01-29Networking Cheatsheet (pdf)Administration
2015-01-27AWS S3 and PowerShell tutorialCloud
2014-11-29Scripting web sessions in PowerShellCoding
2014-11-07Database administration for non-DBAs (pdf)Administration
2014-10-15A study of code abstraction (pdf)Coding
2014-09-28Generating Global IDs (pdf)Coding
2013-12-11Creating a users directory in FileMaker from ADCoding
2012-09-21Star Wars Timeline (pdf)Personal
2011-01-12Making of a 3D render (pdf)Media
2010-07-06Lighting tutorial in E-on Vue (pdf)Media
2010-07-013D Concepts (pdf)Media
2017-11-27Ansible tips and tricksAdministration
2016-11-29Finding things with findstr, find and grepAdministration
2015-01-02Keeping your clock up to date with NTPAdministration
2017-11-29Installing multiple Python versionsAdministration
2018-01-01Public PGP keyPersonal
2015-04-22Google is using Chrome to shape the web in their imageCloud
2016-03-12Image and video conversion with FFmpeg and ImageMagickMedia
2018-03-14Let's Encrypt and certbot commandsAdministration
2018-04-15Scanning Wi-Fi with LinuxSecurity
2013-04-22Modeling V4 props in HexagonMedia
2018-09-27Japanese Language Reference (pdf)Anime
2019-02-06Using tor to download anonymously on CentOS LinuxSecurity
2016-02-19SystemD reference sheetAdministration
2015-06-28Hard disk health check in LinuxAdministration
2019-05-16Primer for collecting anime figuresAnime
2019-07-29Checking the health of AWS ELB targets using a Lambda functionCoding
2019-08-06When does it make sense to go serverless?Cloud
2018-12-24Automating the creation of a self-signed certificate in IISAdministration
2018-07-12What is 'frugal' for meFinances
2019-08-18Backing up your cloud instances with AWS Lifecycle PolicyCloud
2019-03-01How to work with Ansible templatesAdministration
2019-09-08Investing to financial independence as a CanadianFinances
2019-09-19Dividend investing portfolio diversificationFinances
2019-09-20I like good tech, but I dislike trendy gadgetsGadgets
2019-09-25The $1,000,000 goal postFinances
2017-08-22Making a weather status screen in PythonCoding
2019-10-02Stock valuation 101Finances
2019-10-07The true outcome of a recessionFinances
2019-10-09What is DevOps? Here is my definitionCloud
2019-10-12A sample cloud design templateCloud
2018-10-12Using Docker on CentOS 7Administration
2018-11-09A homelab on a budgetAdministration
2019-11-16Login authentication federation the old wayAdministration
2019-11-18Building an Azure web app using continuous deployment in 15 minutesCloud
2019-11-20Publishing your first Docker containerCoding
2019-04-07Installing MySQL in a Docker container and creating a new databaseAdministration
2019-11-28Should our email services be silently bouncing emails?Cloud
2017-04-20Setting up a ZFS filesystem on LinuxAdministration
2019-12-09Deploying an AWS Lambda function using AnsibleCloud
2019-01-02Making a Docker compose file for GuacamoleAdministration
2020-02-10Continuous integration workflow using GitHub, Travis and AWS EBSCloud
2019-12-15Securing Guacamole while running in a Docker containerSecurity
2015-10-19Creating a foreign key in MySQLCoding
2016-12-02Using S3 versus local filesCloud
2020-01-19How to store and access secrets when deploying in AWSCloud
2020-03-30The perfect virtual officeAdministration
2020-04-12Financial decisions during a pandemicFinances
Software projects

These are some projects available on this site. You can find all my open source code on GitHub.

HealthstoneA lightweight system monitoring service.
RobCoFallout terminal emulator.
HeadersHeaders and browser information.
ConnixPython 3 utilities library.
AurebeshLearn Aurebesh, the Star Wars language.
BOFHHandy excuses for help desk technicians.
CryptCrypto and hashing web utilities.
ScriptsMy system administration scripts.
TideArtArchived content from TideArt website.
NodePointAn IT system for the modern environment. (deprecated)
ServicesCloud services I offer as a freelancer.
WalkingHealthkit telemetry from my walks.
IT Certifications

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